As well the mules, cows, dogs, sheep and goats you can expect to encounter in a rural community, you'll be making friends with the animals that live in the Pure Mountains farmhouse.

Dog-wise, we have Molly, a Large Munsterlander (like a giant spaniel) Coco, a brown dog of uncertain breed and Rory the Irish Setter. They are very affectionate pooches and love meeting people. They make special friends with guests who come on holiday on their own. They're not allowed in the guest rooms, but they are at large in the rest of the house.

Flo and Rocky are the resident cats.

From time to time, we take in an abandoned dog and try to find them a new home. So, there may be a waif at the farmhouse during your stay, too.

You might like to bring your dog on holiday with you, if you're coming by ferry / road. They'll love it here. Contact us to talk through the details.


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