Jenny Mayhew

Job : Pure Mountains founder and guide

Bike Experience : Cycling all her life. 20 odd years' mountain biking. Trail riding for fun and endurance and enduro racing. CTC qualified guide.

Loves : Finding and sharing new trails, the first beer after a dusty ride.

Hates : Mud and traffic.

Hobbies : Rescuing stray dogs. Improving Spanish. Knitting.

Previous Life : Lawyer in Bristol, UK

Tim Kirkus

Job : Pure Mountains founder and guide

Bike Experience : All sorts of mountain biking. Keen MTB marathon and stage racer. Winner of category at La Rioja Bike Race 2017. CTC qualified guide and Leader Trainer.

Loves : Fixing bikes. Mountains. Making beer.

Hates : Grey skies.

Hobbies : Working the land.

Previous Life : Actor, trapeze artist, sailor, mainly in the UK.


Job : Visiting Pure Mountains hiking guide

Experience : Hiking and ski guide working in Sierra Nevada, Patagonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kamtjatka and the Alps

Loves : Getting to know people and places. Sun, snow, jokes and strong coffee.

Hates : Beaching low vehicles on bumpy tracks.

Hobbies : Languages.

Previous Life : From the corporate world to dive master in Mexico.


Job : Pure Mountains massage therapist.

Bike Experience : Likes cycling; massaging tired cyclists' limbs.

Loves : Colourful clothing.

Hates : Television.

Hobbies : Knitting coats for her greyhound.

Previous Life : International aerialist and circus performer.


Job : Pure Mountains dog

Experience : Off-road only. Enthusiastic accompianist.

Loves : Attention and being outdoors.

Hates : Mules.

Hobbies : Fetching balls, burying bones.

Previous Life : Puppy from Lincolnshire.


Job : Pure Mountains dog.

Bike Experience : Barking rather than biking.

Loves : Human ladies.

Hates : Not much.

Hobbies : Scratching.

Previous Life : Something horsey in the north of England, before rehomed to Pure Mountains aged 2.



Job : Assistant Pure Mountains dog

Experience : Still a bit scared of bikes.

Loves : Bones.

Hates : Wasps.

Hobbies : Barking at shepherds.

Previous Life : In the UK.