Enduro Racing is Fun!


Last weekend, Team Pure Mountains headed off to Cercedilla, in the hills near Madrid, for our first ever enduro format race.

Now we see why enduro is all the rage. It's fantastic!

This race was one of a series of four, by Big Ride Powered by Cannondale, that forms the Spanish Enduro Open Championships, so the standard was pretty high.

There were four timed runs, linked by transition stages.

Large parts of the timed runs were extremely technical descents with big, loose rocks, drops, roots and tight turns. Other parts were easier descents, flat sections and short climbs. Riders were set off at 20 second intervals from a timing gate, so it was very exciting and we had to deal with overtaking and being overtaken.

At the bottom of each timed run, we had to climb back up to the start of the next run and to get there for our specified start time. This involved a long, unsurfaced road climb and there was no time to waste. It was all a bit frantic!

The atmosphere on the practice day and race day was really friendly and welcoming. There were lots of other first timers there, too.

All in all, a thrilling weekend. Despite a few falls, none of us hurt ourself. Our knee and arm pads certainly earned their keep, though.

And the results? Jenny won a trophy as 3rd Woman, Tim was 7th Master 40 and Johan was 16th Master 40.

We're hoping to offer an enduro race trip for guests in 2014, so let us know if you would be interested in joining that.

Tim at enduro start gate


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