Pure Mountains Coronavirus / COVID-19 Situation Report. Update 13 June 2020

Update 28 June 2020.

After a super-strict lockdown and carefully-managed de-escalation stages, Spain has now entered "la nueva normalidad".

International visitors from most European countries, and 15 other countires worldwide, will be welcomed back, with big smiles and warm hearts, from 1 July 2020.

The UK is set shortly to drop its requirement for international arrivals to go into quarantine. Please check the rules in your country of residence.

We will be running trips 27 August onwards, making sure that we comply with all the new rules published for the travel industry.

There have been no cases of COVID 19 in our local village of Bérchules, or in the surrounding villages.

On a Pure Mountains trip, you stay far away from groups of people at the splendidly isolated farmhouse and breathe in lungfulls of clean, mountain air. We will be complying with the new hygiene regulations imposed on rural accommodations.


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