Travel in the time of coronavirus


Updated 22 April 2022

All of us here at Pure Mountains are very excited about welcoming back international guests.

This useful, interactive map from Travel Safe Spain details the entry requirements for the country from which you are travelling and the restrictions on your return home.

Tourists from most countries may enter Spain with a digital certificate of full vaccination, recovery, or of a negative COVID test. If you do not have any of those you need to complete the Spain Travel Health online form, which generates a QR code, which you show on arrival. You can only fill it out 48 hours or less before your flight and you need to include your flight seat number. Complete the "Address Where You Will be Staying" section as follows:

Name of hotel: Pure Mountains
Number and street: Cortijo Marcula, 0
Apartment number: leave blank
Region / Autonomous city: Andalucia
Province: Granada
City / town: Berchules
Zip code: 18451

Travel Safe Spain has also produced a handy visual guide to the entry requirements: the health control form, any tests needed and so on.

There is no local COVID testing centre in the mountains. If you need to take a COVID test before returning to your country of origin, you may be able to buy an unsupervised antigen self-test, to be posted to you before you leave home. You bring it with you, administer it yourself and the provider emails you your results. Or, you can take an antigen test at the Málaga airport test centre, just before you fly. You should make an appointment as soon as you book your flight, as it gets very busy. The results are emailed to you in 15 minutes. We've used it and it's excellent. Price €30. If you do this, make the appointment for 2.5 hours before your flight time (minimum) and we will drop you off in time for your test. If you need a PCR test, these are available at the same clinic, but it takes 12 hours to get your result.

There have been very few cases of COVID in our local village of Bérchules, and in the surrounding villages, as confirmed by the official statistics.

On a Pure Mountains trip, you stay far away from groups of people, at the splendidly isolated farmhouse and breathe in lungfulls of clean, mountain air. We comply with the hygiene regulations imposed on rural accommodations.

Please do get in touch if you have any concerns.


To enter Spain, the rules are now the same as for visitors from other countries. You must have a digital certificate of full vaccination or have a recovery certificate. If you have one of these you do not need to complete the Spain Travel Health form, as outlined above. You do not need to take a test, or fill out a form or quarantine on your return to the UK.




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