Time for something completely different. A bike with a gearbox.

by | Aug 25, 2020 | The Hub

The derailleur, cassette and chain have been with us for a very long time. As a system they are light, very efficient and ubiquitous.

However, here at Pure Mountains, we have lost count of the number of rear mechs, mech hangers, chains and cassettes that have faced the rocks of the Sierra Nevada and lost.

I’ve come to think that we should try something different, starting with my guide bike.

The Pinion gearbox system is “the embodiment of German engineering and high-end drive technology in a compact and ultralight housing”. That seemed like a good place to start; but which bikes use it?

This is when I came across Zerode Bikes in New Zealand and, specifically, the Katipo: a 160mm, Enduro machine that looks absolutely amazing and happens to use a Pinion gearbox. Hurrah!

I’m getting the frame and transmission and picking my favourite components to hang off it. This process is close to my idea of heaven.

Stay tuned. Bling coming…

Tim Kirkus

Co-owner and Guide, Pure Mountains