Food & Drink


All meals eaten, and all drinks at the farmhouse, are included in the price of your trip. Dinners eaten out, and drinks out, are not included in the price, but local bars and restaurants are very reasonable.

Breakfast is served in the dining room, or on the south-facing terrace. You can feast on porridge, toast, cereal, fruit salad, eggs, freshly-squeezed orange juice, fruit, yogurt, cheese, tea and coffee.

At lunchtime the Land Rover driver sets up a picnic table with bread, local cheeses, tortilla, ham, chorizo, salad, hummus, olives, nuts, cold drinks and tea and coffee. Folding chairs are provided, of course! We also manage to fit in a tea/coffee break during the day's riding.

"The back-up Land Rover appeared, chairs were set up next to a stream, drinks handed round, banana cake scoffed and, suddenly, tired thighs were a distant memory as we basked in the mid-morning sun in the wild, empty landscape." - The Guardian

When you get back to the house, you can choose between tea and freshly-baked cake, or a refreshing cold beer (or both).

When you eat in, Jane, our highly-praised cook, prepares hearty and delicious dinners from fresh, local ingredients. Special dietary requirements are willingly catered for. On other evenings you eat out at local restaurants. For details of the number of dinners eaten in and out, please see the our Schedule.

Included in the price of your vacation is as much beer and wine as you like at the farmhouse. The beer is Alhambra Especial, a 5% lager, in 20cl bottles to stay cool. You can also try our very own Pure Mountains real ale when it's ready. The house red wine is a substantial Spanish tinto. The house white is usually a Rueda from the north west of Spain. We choose bottles with proper cork corks (see why here).

"Lunch excellent. Dinner, excellent. Restaurants ditto." - John Morgan, Bristol UK.

"Delicious, plentiful and varied." - Paul and Katie, Glasgow, UK.

"Food - perfect." - Phillipe Leclerc, Arlon, Belgium.



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