Real Ale from The Pure Mountains Brewery


Refreshing as cerveza Alhambra is, after a few years in Spain, we were missing real ale. So, we decided to brew our own, and set up the Pure Mountains Brewery.

The brewery is housed in a semi-cave, just next to the bike workshop. It's a full mash set-up, which means we're starting from scratch, working with ingredients including barley, hops, yeast and gallons of mountain spring water. The hardware includes a boiler, mash tun, warming mat, thermometer and fermenting buckets.

For each batch, the boiling and mashing takes a day, then the ale needs a week or so to ferment. After that, we decant it into 500ml, stopper-top bottles and allow it a month or so to reach perfect condition.

Brews include Honey Buzzard, Heavy Horse and Black Goat. They vary in strength, but are all extremely drinkable. You should find one of them available at the farmhouse, though demand can sometimes outstrip supply.




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