Responsible Holidays

Pure Mountains was created as an environmentally friendly company. We are members of, an organisation which offers travellers authentic and responsible holidays. All members have to fulfil exacting criteria regarding the sustainability and responsibility of the holidays they provide.

Here is a little more information about our approach to responsible, sustainable travel. We encourage our guests to support us in this, whilst having a fantastic holiday.

Respect for the environment

We offer expertly and sensitively-guided mountain biking for small groups, staying in our farmhouse in the Sierra Nevada Natural Park, within The Alpujarra region of Andalucía. We do our best to protect this breath-taking, unspoiled but fragile wilderness and ask guests to do so too.

The development of rural tourism in the area provides economic benefits and encourages an alternative development pattern to intensive poly-tunnel agriculture or golf course tourism, which have affected many parts of Andalucía.


The Pure Mountains farmhouse has been built to comply with environmental and aesthetic considerations. We live in the farmhouse year-round, contributing to the economic and social structure of the village. We have regenerated the smallholding around the farmhouse and planted numerous indigenous trees, thus encouraging birds and other animals back to the land. We plant a sapling on behalf of each guest that stays at Pure Mountains.

The house uses solar power for hot water and electricity generation, soon to be backed up by a wind turbine. Guests are encouraged to understand the need for responsible consumption of electricity and water. Potable water from local springs is provided for drinking, avoiding the need for bottled water. Towels and sheets are changed on request.


We employ local people for cooking, cleaning and transport.


Meals are made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients, avoiding packaging wherever possible. We avoid paper napkins and disposable plates etc. Glass bottles are returned to the supplier or recycled. Kitchen waste is composted. When eating out we patronise locally owned bars and restaurants.


We use recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible; print as little as possible and use double sided printing. Bookings and correspondence are done electronically, avoiding paper use.


Guests are encouraged to interact positively with the local community by being respectful and courteous in the countryside and villages and to buy local foods, crafts and wines.