Hiking by Arrangement

If you are a group, all or some of whom would like to hike instead bike, get in touch. We can offer you spectacular guided hiking.

Tatiana Broman will be your expert hiking guide. She is an experienced hiking and ski guide and has worked in Sierra Nevada, Patagonia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kamtjatka and the Alps. She has a natural curiosity about people and places and enjoys sun, snow and strong coffee.

Tatiana speaks English, Swedish, Spanish and Russian. She has a home in Juviles, just below the Pure Mountains' farmhouse, so she knows the local trails inside out. She is great fun and is sure to make your hikes interesting and enjoyable.

The hiking days will mirror the biking days, returning to base each evening. The walking in Sierra Nevada is quite steep and varies from rocky and exposed to verdant and sheltered. We'll provide you with refreshments and lunch. We are happy to discuss the hiking with you before you book.


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