About Us


Pure Mountains was established in 2005. We are a dedicated team of people who live in Spain year-round and are committed to providing you with the very best biking or hiking experience. You will meet Eduardo or Fernando, the transfer drivers, Magdalena the cook, Mark the back-up vehicle driver and various dogs and cats. However, you’ll spend most time on the trails with Jenny and Tim…

Jenny Mayhew

Job: Pure Mountains founder and guide

Bike & Hiking Experience: Cycling all her life. 20 odd years’ mountain biking. Endurance and enduro racing. OTC qualified guide. Also a keen hiker.

Loves: Finding and sharing new trails, the first beer after a dusty ride.

Hates: Mud and traffic.

Hobbies: Rescuing stray dogs. English and Spanish literature.

Previous Life: Lawyer in Bristol, UK

About us - Jenny Pure Mountains co-founder
About us - Tim Pure Mountains co-founder

Tim Kirkus

Job: Pure Mountains founder and guide

Bike Experience: All sorts of mountain and gravel biking. MTB marathon and stage racer. Winner of category at La Rioja Bike Race 2017 and 2018. Winner of pairs category at Costa Blanca Bike Race. Third in category at Iron Bike and UK Mountain Bike Marathon Championships. Second in category UCI World Series Gravel, Round 1, 2023. OTC qualified guide and leader trainer.

Loves: Fixing bikes. Mountains. Making beer.

Hates: Grey skies.

Hobbies: Riding bikes!

Previous Life: Actor, trapeze artist, sailor, mainly in the UK.

Other Animals

As well the mules, cows, dogs, sheep and goats you can expect to encounter in a rural community, you’ll be making friends with the animals that live in the Pure Mountains lodge.


Molly is a Large Munsterlander (a bit like a giant spaniel). She is head girl.


Rory is an Irish Setter. He may be the softest dog in the world.

The dogs love meeting people. They make special friends with guests who come on holiday on their own. They’re not allowed in the guest rooms, but they are at large in the rest of the house.

Flo and Rocky are the resident cats.

From time to time, we take in an abandoned dog and try to find them a new home. So, there may be a waif at the farmhouse during your stay, too.

You might like to bring your dog on holiday with you, if you’re coming by ferry / road. They’ll love it here. Contact us to talk through the details.