Mountain biking/gravel riding is a potentially risky activity. Your safety is our priority, but accidents do happen.

We insist that:
• You wear a helmet whenever riding.
• You have your own travel insurance that covers mountain biking/gravel riding and that you carry the details with you when cycling. We are often in remote areas, where rescue is by helicopter rather than ambulance, and this must be covered by your insurance policy.
• In addition, European citizens must have an in-date European Health Insurance Card (called a Global Health Insurance Card in the UK) and carry it when mountain biking/gravel riding.
• You carry your passport/identity card, mobile phone, small first aid kit and emergency money when cycling.

For UK residents, our partners Yellow Jersey (click the logo below) provide cycle travel Insurance designed specifically for cyclists and mountain bikers, including heli-rescue. Use the code PURE10 for a 10% discount.