Total Bike Care Packages


New for 2022 is the Pure Mountains total bike care package. This allows you to relax at the end of each day, knowing that your bike is in expert hands.

After each day’s ride, you leave your bike in our fully equipped workshop and tell our mechanic if there is something that you would like him to look at. He will clean, service and lube your bike. He will repair anything that needs to be and can be repaired. If your bike needs a new part, and we have the part available, we will check with you before fitting it. Your bike will be ready and waiting for you the following morning

You can also opt for us to unpack and assemble your bike on arrival day and to clean, disassemble and pack it at the end of the trip.

The price is €25 / £22 per session. You only pay extra for any parts fitted.

When you book your Pure Mountains trip, we will ask if you would also like to book Package A or Package A and B:

A: Clean, service, lube and repairs at the end of each day when there is another ride the following day. So, for a trip with four days of riding, that would be three sessions.
B: Bike unpack and assemble on arrival day and clean, disassemble and pack after the last day’s ride. So, two sessions per trip.


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