A Typical Day



Breakfast on the terrace.


Set off on the bikes from the front door. There is often some climbing in the morning...


Refreshment break with tea, coffee, cold drinks and snacks. Then riding exhilarating singletrack until lunch…


Picnic lunch in a scenic and shady spot (see Food and Drink)

13.30 to 15.30

More fantastic riding, usually finishing with a thrilling descent to the valley bottom, from where you get a lift back to the farmhouse for a refreshing beer / tea and cake.


Relax on the terrace as the sun sets with a drink or two, before a hearty dinner with plenty of vino tinto (and blanco).

If the weather is especially hot, we may start and finish a little earlier. We always try to do the majority of the climbing in the cooler hours of the day.


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